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"I thought there was a virtue in always bein' cool."

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Josh Huffines
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Josh hails from Oklahoma, and currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Josh is a Filmmaker in Training. He is constantly planning ways in which he can learn and improve. He has some experience and is seeking more. He is also looking for like-minded, Creative Individuals with whom he can collaborate.

Josh is a work in progress.
Josh is a vegetarian.
Josh is an avid Pepsi drinker.
Josh firmly believes that Costello is the only Elvis that matters.
Josh commutes by bicycle most days.

Josh is, in a word, "oblong". Oblong is a Strange Word that describes an Odd Shape. He feels as though he exists as such an Odd Shape in this universe.

Josh has heard the joke, "I'm just joshin' ya" one to many times. The humor of said joke had a half-life of one second with him. He no longer thinks you are funny if you use this joke in conversation with him.

Contained herein is Josh's blog which was established in January 2001.

Josh uses this blog to vent. He uses this blog to talk about Happy Occurrences as well as Very Bad Things. He uses this blog to ramble. He uses this blog to socialize.

Josh is often afraid that he is too self-centered. However, in moments of clarity, he realizes that this is his blog, in which he writes about the various goings-on of his Life.

Josh would like to entertain you. He would like to inform you. He would like to be your acquaintance. He would like to sit down and share a Pepsi with you and discuss things, from the Meaningful to the Trivial.

Josh revamped his blog in September 2006. Most of his older entries are locked away as private. He has filed those away like a "digital notebook" on a "digital bookshelf" in some far off web server.

Josh will continue to share his Thoughts, Aspirations, and Goals via his blog. He will also include many Exciting Things, such as photographs with captions or stories. His intention is to share his sometimes frustrating, sometimes amusing journey through the creative cycle. Here he will post news about the goings-on of his Life and any Happy Occurrences that happen along the way. When he receives any Big Breaks, you will be able to read about them here.

He invites you to sit down and enjoy Your Time. He is happy to have your company and hopes that you find him a gracious host.


You count!

January 10, 2001 - September 3, 2006

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